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Adventure Awaits: Discover the Playset that Brings Exercise, Imagination, and Family Time to Your Doorstep!

(NewsUSA) - APRIL 2024 Backyard adventures await! As spring unfolds, parents seek the perfect outdoor swing set—a beacon of fun and a fortress of safety. The challenge lies in finding a backyard playset that meets all of your family's needs: It must be safe for the kids, one that will grow with your family as they do, and stylish enough to complement your backyard aesthetics. With Backyard Adventures, you can rest assured that our wooden swing sets are meticulously designed with the utmost safety and design. Every detail is crafted to protect your little ones, from the sturdy construction to the rounded edges. Ensuring your children's well-being is always our top priority, giving you peace of mind as they embark on their backyard adventures. 

For over forty years, Backyard Adventures has been the pioneer in creating outdoor playsets that, in the eyes of a child, magically transform into pirate ships and fairy-tale castles. Our monkey bars don't just hang, they morph into a jungle canopy, and our slides don't just slide, they convert into cascading waterfalls. These unique features set our outdoor playsets apart, making them the perfect choice for parents who want to ignite their children's imagination and see them embark on thrilling adventures right in their backyard.


At Backyard Adventures, we believe no two families are alike, and neither should their playsets. That's why we offer an array of swing set designs that can transform into hundreds of configurations. You can even design your own play set using our proprietary online playset design tool. This empowers you to create a playset that perfectly suits your family's needs and preferences, ensuring that your children's outdoor play experience is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Explore our latest Treehouse Peak series, designed with family in mind to encourage interactive play for parents and children. This series of wooden swing sets features high-quality forts, swings, and customizable accessories such as slides, playhouses, and monkey bars with ninja-style training features. If value is key, then explore the Summit Outlook series. Scale to new heights on climbing walls and rope ladders, or indulge in nostalgic play with classic tire swivel swings. Bridged swing sets promise a grander escapade, which can link fortresses to create an elaborate children's outdoor play structure.

Compact yards can also be a fun place to play with our Space Savers wooden swing sets, built to maximize enjoyment without sacrificing space. These playsets have climbing features, picnic areas, gangplanks, and sandboxes, providing all the essentials for a thrilling backyard adventure.

Backyard Adventures caters to various budgets, offering wooden playsets starting at $2,500 for cozier setups to $50,000 for the most elaborate ensembles. Each model features an attractive two-tone stain finish and is constructed from durable, natural cedar wood, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful addition to any family's outdoor space. Each slide and swing invites discovery, with imagination unfurling its wings, painting new worlds in vibrant hues of play. 


With Backyard Adventures, you're not just buying a swing set, you're becoming part of a vibrant community of like-minded parents who share your values of outdoor play and family time. The support and resources available are just a click away, ensuring that your journey with Backyard Adventures is filled with joy and peace of mind. We value your participation in our community and are here to support you every step of the way.

For more information and to find your nearest dealer, visit us at and follow us on social at BackyardAdventuresPlaysets.

How to Make 'Trying' Less Trying

(NewsUSA) - For many people seeking to become pregnant, the process is often challenging and frustrating. Myths and misinformation about fertility and how to get pregnant persist (would you believe—turkey basters?). Consequently, many couples start the process of trying to get pregnant either uninformed, misinformed, or a combination of the two.

Current guidance suggests that otherwise healthy individuals younger than 35 years should try to conceive on their own for a year before seeking medical help for “infertility.” That means they’re on their own often fumbling and hacking their way through those first 12 months before insurance will even cover an initial fertility consult.

“When my patients first come to me, so many of them are still unaware of the fundamentals of conception even after trying for a year – from how to track their ovulation to the importance of taking supplements,” says Dr. Stephanie Thompson, Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility specialist at The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS). “Furthermore, many still believe in DIY hacks and myths like using a turkey baster for insemination or taking cough medicine to better their chances.”

To help simplify the babymaking process and help better support a couple’s chances right from the time they start trying to conceive, the company behind the Frida Baby Snot Sucker and the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle has launched the Frida Fertility product line. The products were developed in partnership with medical professionals and fertility specialists like Dr. Thompson and are designed to help promote pregnancy through pre-conception nutrition, optimizing egg and sperm health, tracking and testing cycles and timing sex.

“Our mission at Frida has always been to prepare parents for the unfiltered realities of parenthood, and now, with Frida Fertility, that starts the moment you think about becoming a parent,” says Chelsea Hirschhorn, mom of four and CEO of Frida.  “Women will no longer be left on an endless internet search for ‘how to get pregnant,’ and can feel supported and informed from the beginning of their conception journey.”

The Frida Fertility collection offers products for different stages of the pre-pregnancy process.

-Preparation: The preparation package includes pre-conception supplement sets for men as well as women. Research has shown the supplements with the right nutrients promote egg and sperm health and may increase chances of conception. The women’s product includes several components of common prenatal vitamins as well, so they can be continued during the conception phase.

-Testing and Tracking: Ovulation tracking is important when trying to conceive, as women who understand their cycle can maximize opportunities. Women are three times more likely to get pregnant during the fertile window, and the ovulation prediction test from Frida Fertility can help. Other components of testing and tracking include an ovulation plus pregnancy test and track set, and an early detection pregnancy test. The set comes with a novel collapsible, on-the-go Pee Cup – ending the days of peeing on your hand to get a sample.

-Conception: Finally, Frida Fertility’s at-home insemination set is designed to facilitate the delivery of sperm to the cervix during the fertile window to optimize changes of pregnancy. This set works for same-sex couples using donor sperm or heterosexual couples stressed by the pressure to perform during a limited time window.

Visit for more information.


Marine Toys for Tots Announces Record Breaking 75th Year

(NewsUSA) - Toys for Tots, the U.S. Marine Corps’ premiere Community Action Program, distributed over 24.4 million toys, books, and other gifts to 9.9 million children in need in 2022. The incredible support we received from the American public and our Corporate Sponsors enabled the Program to achieve astounding results and celebrate the Program’s 75th year of spreading Christmas cheer to underprivileged children across the Nation.

Marine Toys for Tots has supported children in need at Christmastime since 1947, but, in recent years, the Program’s support reaches beyond Christmas. The Marine Reserve Toys for Tots Program now includes year-round initiatives to support disadvantaged children experiencing challenges and exceptional circumstances, with books, toys, and messages of hope beyond the holiday season.

The Toys for Tots Literacy Program delivered 6.3 million books to disadvantaged children as well as to Title I funded schools, while the Toys for Tots Native American Program supported over 200,000 children on remote Reservations. Our most recent initiative supported over 447,000 children in foster care with educational toys, books, games, and school supplies. We also provided one million toys, books, and games to non-profit partner Good360 to be distributed to families across the country facing hardships that restore hope and self-worth outside of the holiday season.

“I believe that these distributions outside of the holiday season continue to provide significant comfort and relief to impacted families, but it also means that we needed to work extremely hard to replenish our toy supply before the holiday season,” said Lieutenant General Laster, President & CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.”

He continued, “we were astounded by the support provided by our Corporate Sponsors and individual donors.  They helped us not only accomplish the mission, but greatly exceed ALL expectations.”

The year-round and Christmastime distributions reassure families, who face adversity and exceptional circumstances throughout the year, that Marine Toys for Tots stands ready to assist when emotional support is needed most. Although we partner with many local non-profit organizations outside of the holiday season, it's our 830+ local Coordinators that are the "Hometown Heroes". They are responsible for the success of each local campaign and dedicate their time to delivering gifts and hope to those less fortunate within their communities.

The American public and a record number of organizations serving as Corporate Partners “answered our call to action and made significant contributions allowing the Foundation to augment local toy drives with over 12 million toys valued at over $127 million,” says Lt. Gen. Laster. 

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future, and Marine Toys for Tots is dedicated to ensuring it’s as bright as possible for children living in challenging circumstances. The assistance given was astronomical, and we are grateful to the American public, our National Corporate Sponsors, and our Coordinators that allowed the Program to reach incredible milestones in its 75th year—and deliver messages of hope to nearly 10 million less fortunate children.  Visit to learn more about Marine Toys for Tots and to donate to any of the Programs.


(NewsUSA) - Whether you’re planning a honeymoon, time away to rekindle romance, or simply an opportunity to make new memories together – planning ahead can save you money.

To get started, decide on the type of trip you want to take and the best time to go.

Best Time to Get Away

Do you want a calm, relaxing stay at the beach, a couples’ trip to Europe, or a skiing vacation in the mountains? 

All vacation destinations have peak seasons, often summertime, when hotels, restaurants and attractions are at their most expensive. Traveling in the off-season can mean big savings. Try hitting the slopes in January when it's not as busy. Or if you want to visit a warmer, southern destination, consider going early in the new year or between Labor Day and Christmas. You’ll find smaller crowds and lighter lines. 

If your dream is a romantic getaway to a city like Paris or Rome, consider going during the week of Thanksgiving. Europeans don’t celebrate the holiday, so most attractions are open.

Mapping Out Your Money

Anytime you travel, vacations can be costly. But if you plan in advance, you’ll know what you need and can alleviate a lot of stress. Here are some things to consider:

  • Decide on the maximum amount you’re willing to spend. The cost will depend on where you go and what you plan to do. For example, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Grace Yung explains, “Going to an international destination will likely cost more than heading to a beach or campground here in the U.S. Likewise, lodging in larger cities tends to be higher-priced than in rural areas.”
  • Start saving now, even if the trip won’t take place for some time. Once you have an overall amount you'd like to spend on your trip, break it down and start setting money aside monthly. If you get a bonus at work or a tax refund, add it to your vacation fund. Look for other small ways to cut expenses (subscriptions you don’t use, etc.) to add to your savings.
  • Find alternative ways to pay for travel-related expenses. If you have a credit card that offers airline miles or hotel points, use these to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Track your spending. Calculate your costs as you go. If you’re spending more than you planned, make adjustments. Instead of dinner out, have a picnic on the beach. Or instead of paying for a guided tour, do a walking tour on your own.

Are You Financially Prepared to See the World?

A CFP® professional can help you strategize for savings and plan your next vacation. To find a CFP® professional near you, visit

Las opciones de elección de escuela están cambiando para los padres hispanos

(Krissia Campos Spivey) - El 59% de los padres hispanos y latinos ha considerado encontrar una escuela nueva para al menos uno de sus hijos en los últimos doce meses, esto muestra como más de la mitad de los hispanos están buscando opciones para mejorar el rendimiento académico de su familia.

Si bien la elección de escuelas ha visto cambios en algunos estados del país, los mayores se han reflejado en West Virginia y Arizona, donde el gobierno aprobó programas para permitir que la comunidad tenga acceso a más opciones además de la escuela pública tradicional, donde son asignadas las familias de acuerdo a su lugar de residencia. Las familias hispanas también pueden acceder a todos estos beneficios y opciones.

¿Por qué es importante que las familias hispanas conozcan todas sus opciones? Según la Evaluación Nacional de Progreso Educativo (NAEP por sus siglas en inglés), matemáticas fue el área con mayor caida en los puntajes, la más grande de las últimas tres decadas (8 puntos en octavo grado y 5 puntos en cuarto grado). Los más afectados por estos descensos fueron la comunidad afroamericana e hispana.

Ahora que hay más opciones para los latinos, es invaluable conocer la información disponible y los recursos a los que pueden acceder las familias. Si cree que su hijo no encaja bien en su escuela actual, es importante saber que como padre tiene opciones y alternativas. Existe evidencia de que cuando facilitamos la elección para los padres, ellos toman buenas decisiones para la educación de su familia. Hemos visto el impacto positivo que han tenido las opciones escolares en lugares como Miami, Filadelfia y Phoenix.

Apoyar a la comunidad hispana debe ser una prioridad nacional, y una forma de ayudar a la comunidad es ofreciendo información de valor. Las familias hispanohablantes pueden resolver muchas de sus dudas en Conoce tus Opciones Escolares. Además, este año, la National School Choice Week (La Semana Nacional de Opciones Escolares), uno de los eventos educativos más importantes del país, ofrecerá asistencia personalizada para las familias latinas. Este evento tendrá lugar del 22 al 28 de enero de 2023.

Los estudiantes latinos van a representar casi el 30% de las escuelas públicas para fines de la década, y este es el momento de actuar y ofrecer a la comunidad hispana la mejor oportunidad para lograr la igualdad.

Tener varias opciones asegura que los niños no se queden frustrados por el hecho de no ser felices en su escuela actual. No es una locura decir que las opciones escolares pueden ser la diferencia entre que un niño sea acosado en su salón de clases o un niño que sea amado, respetado y apreciado en otra escuela. Con la elección de escuela, podemos reducir las tasas de abandono escolar y aumentar las posibilidades de éxito. Es vital que las familias sean conscientes de sus posibilidades.

Krissia Campos Spivey es directora de Conoce tus Opciones Escolares, un proyecto de la National School Choice Awareness Foundation, que ayuda a las familias estadounidenses que hablan español a explorar sus opciones educativas K-12 y elegir una excelente escuela para sus hijos. Krissia es salvadoreña-estadounidense y vive con su familia en Wake Forest, Carolina del Norte.

School Choice is Opening Doors for Students

(by Shelby Doyle) - Parents across the country are seriously rethinking what they and their children need when it comes to K-12 education. From considering switching to new schools to using tutoring, or out-of-school co-ops and learning pods, parents are getting creative. While some might have expected the pace of change and exploration to slow down after two long years of learning disruptions, parents remain motivated and curious about ways to make sure their child is learning and progressing.

In a survey conducted this month by the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, 53.7 percent of parents said they had considered in the last year, or were currently considering, choosing a new or different school for their child. And 86.1 percent of them are concerned about their child's academic progress.

For parents wanting to find a new school, this is the best time of the year to start the process. It's National School Choice Week January 22 through 28, and the news media, school leaders, teachers, and parents across the country are talking about education options. Parents can research their options at and attend community events designed to help them choose.

January's not an arbitrary time for the Week to fall. It's a time when these decisions for the fall come to a head. Many enrollment deadlines fall in the winter months, no matter how far away they feel from the coming August. With the first half of the school year completed, families start to have a clearer idea of whether they need to make a change.

Dozens of states around the country in the last few years have expanded educational opportunities for parents to choose traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online learning, or homeschooling. Families can benefit from checking in to see if the landscape of options in their community have changed.

If you want to help spread the word about educational opportunity this week, here are some ideas. First, start a conversation with your child about what they like about school and what they wish were different. Second, learn more about educational options, or share that information with a friend. Third, show appreciation for the school(s) you've chosen by volunteering or saying thank you to a teacher this week.

Every parent, student, teacher, and community leader who is celebrating National School Choice Week proudly supports and empowers families to choose the right educational fit for their child. Will you join them?

Shelby Doyle is the vice president of public awareness at the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that hosts National School Choice Week each January and maintains the nation’s largest online portfolio of English- and Spanish-language school navigation resources.

School Choice Is More Than You Might Think

(Andrew R. Campanella) - For parents across the country who have been enlightened or frustrated by education during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new and exciting innovation is emerging, creating new opportunities for families. It's a 21st century way of approaching learning, with flexible options popping up in local communities across the country. Though each is unique, these new options broadly fall under the category of microschooling and learning pods.

Perhaps someone you knew joined a pod in the absence of in-person schooling during the height of the pandemic. Maybe your sister-in-law has been raving about the public charter microschool she found for her son. By challenging the conventional wisdom of how schooling must be done, microschooling and learning pods refocus the education conversation around everyone's shared goal: the educational success and happiness of students.

If you want to find out more about these new learning options, or the traditional public, public charter, public magnet, private, online, or at home education options available to your family, you're in luck this month. National School Choice Week will take place January 22-28, 2023, organized by the National School Choice Awareness Foundation to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for children.

As a parent in 2023, you're bound to have questions about the K-12 system, which has changed rapidly in our lifetimes. If you're not familiar with all your school choices, or what to ask when comparing them, you're not the only one. Today, more than ever, families are interested in school choice, and states are creating policies that increase the opportunities for families to choose a school. For the majority of parents in this country, the real question isn't whether you have school choice, but how you'll use it.

If your child is not happy at school or having challenges that are going unaddressed, it may be time to evaluate your options. As a parent, you know better than anyone what your child needs. But you may not yet know all the school options available to you.

Evaluating your options in January gives you plenty of time to consider new schools (or a learning pod). Occasionally, I talk to folks who ask me whether parents are open to making new school choices after the education disruptions virtually every family experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. My answer is an emphatic "yes!" Parents are more informed than ever and more invested in making sure their kids' educational needs are met. This month, millions of them will celebrate a great school they've chosen or make the decision to select a new option. We can all see the value in that.

Andrew Campanella is president and CEO of National School Choice Awareness Foundation and the author of The School Choice Roadmap: 7 Steps to Finding the Right School for Your Child.

Driven Brands Collision Group Celebrates 25 Years of Supporting Cystic Fibrosis

(NewsUSA) -  

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (January 4, 2023) – Driven Brands’ collision group (“Driven Collision”), home to industry-leading repair networks, ABRA  Auto Body Repair of America, CARSTAR U.S., CARSTAR Canada, and Fix Auto USA, is celebrating its 25th anniversary of supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

To commemorate this milestone, Driven Collision has donated 25 gift baskets to deserving children across North America within the cystic fibrosis (CF) community. The baskets contain a boxing set, including boxing gloves and a mini punching bag, representing the fight against cystic fibrosis, a puzzle, a gift card, and other fun surprises. Each of the recipients were involved with the Driven Collision group this year, illustrating their own special pieces of artwork that were auctioned off as part of several charitable fundraisers throughout the year.

“Our franchise family has a deep commitment to supporting the communities they work and live in, which also includes charitable initiatives,” said Chris Dawson, collision and paint president, Driven Brands. “Through the years, our commitment to this cause has only accelerated, as we see more franchisees realizing the positive impact they have on the CF community, as they help raise valuable funds and awareness for this cause.”

Driven Collision first began its involvement with the organizations 25 years ago when a CARSTAR Canada franchisee’s granddaughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. At the time, the Canadian CARSTAR family rallied together to raise valuable funds for the little-known disease.

“The CF Foundation is deeply grateful for the support of Driven Collision,” said, Patrick Feeley, Chief Development Officer at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. “Their generosity and continued dedication to the cause continues to build on our work, alongside the CF community, and has helped add decades of life for people with CF. We are focused on supporting people with CF no matter where they are on their journey and pursuing a cure for all people with the disease.”

Since 1997, the collision family has wholeheartedly embraced the cystic fibrosis cause, hosting various fundraising events, sponsoring local initiatives, and simply donating year after year, helping raise over $4 million to date across North America for this cause.

"Incredible advancements over the past 25 years have changed the trajectory of a cystic fibrosis diagnosis,” said Kate White, Director, Leadership Giving and Corporate Partnerships, Cystic Fibrosis Canada. “There are now more adults living with the disease than children, some members of the CF community are accessing a potentially life changing drug, and current research is poised to solve the CF community’s greatest health needs. We’ve made wonderful progress, but these new drugs can’t help everyone, and CF still carries a significant burden; therefore, our work must continue. We couldn’t do this important work without the steadfast support of our long-standing partners. The Driven Collision group is a shining example of the impact that can be made through corporate philanthropy.”

“A lot has happened over the last 25 years, which has been extremely motivating to our collision family, encouraging us all to continue the fight,” continued Dawson. “We are determined to see the day that CF stands for Cure Found!”

About Driven Brands

Driven Brands™, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is the largest automotive services company in North America, providing a range of consumer and commercial automotive needs, including paint, collision, glass, vehicle repair, oil change, maintenance and car wash. Driven Brands is the parent company of some of North America's leading automotive service businesses including Take 5 Oil Change®, Take 5 Car Wash®, Meineke Car Care Centers®, Maaco®, 1-800-Radiator & A/C®, Auto Glass Now®, and CARSTAR®. Driven Brands has more than 4,700 locations across 15 countries, and services over 50 million vehicles annually. Driven Brands' network generates approximately $1.9 billion in annual revenue from more than $5.3 billion in system-wide sales.

Magic Wand Combines Movement and Technology

(NewsUSA) - Technology is part of children’s lives, and although excessive screen time is a concern, other types of technology can be an enhancement to early childhood education.

The Kinoo Magic Wand is a screenless, smart device that young children can use independently or with family members. The 4-inch wand features three illuminated bulbs and a speaker to produce light, color and sound. Children use the wand to add an essential element of movement-based learning to games and activities in the Move & Master book (mBook), High Five magazine Kinoo Special Edition and more that are compatible with the wand.     

The activities accompanying the wand were developed in partnership with Highlights for Children, the classic children’s publisher of magazines and books.     

The wand acts as a tool to help engage children as they work through letters, phonics and reading, as well as body exercises, music instruments, Hidden Pictures and others. The activities are also designed to help build life skills such as creativity, collaboration, curiosity and critical thinking.     

“Brain research has validated 'physical movement' as a powerful accelerant to learning and development for kids when coupled with visual and auditory learning modalities,” says Jim Marggraff, CEO and founder of Kinoo.     

“While screen time has become a part of everyday parenting and education, it has reduced the time kids spend actively engaging and socializing. Kinoo was founded to combine leading edge technologies with developmental research to produce breakthroughs in learning for all children,” says Marggraff, who created the transformational, award-winning LeapPad Learning System.     

To celebrate the launch of the Kinoo Magic Wand, in partnership with Highlights for Children, Kinoo is hosting the Kinoo Magic Wand Contest. The winning family receives a free trip to Los Angeles, Calif., and will star in Kinoo’s 2023 product commercial. Many families around the countries have participated in the #kinoomagicwand social campaign.     

Parents can also use the Kinoo Magic app to customize their wands with ongoing new releases of content and activities from an expanding library. Another bonus: the Kinoo Connect app enables children to safely play collaborative, curated games while video chatting with selected individuals, such as a remote family member.     

The Kinoo Magic Wand with High Five magazine Kinoo Special Edition by Highlights for Children is a perfect holiday gift.     

Visit for more information.  

Marine Toys for Tots Celebrates 75 Years of Delivering Hope

(NewsUSA) - This holiday season, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program celebrates its 75th year of delivering hope and joy to children in need across the Nation. U.S. Marines and volunteers will conduct more than 830 local toy collection and distribution campaigns in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and U.S. Virgin Islands. In honor of the anniversary, Toys for Tots will highlight our extraordinary Reserve Marines, past and present, and show how the generosity from communities across the Nation has enabled Toys for Tots to support more than 281 million children in need.     

Every campaign season, Marines and volunteers engage with local businesses, media, and individuals in communities across the country to collect new, unwrapped toys and distribute these gifts to less fortunate children.     

“The mission of Marine Toys for Tots is to bring the joy of Christmas to less fortunate children with the goal of delivering a message of hope that will inspire youngsters to grow into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens,” says Lieutenant General Jim Laster, USMC (Retired), President & CEO of the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. “Now, in Toys for Tots’ 75th year, we are asking our supporters to make this important milestone another record-breaking year. It is our goal to deliver the magic of the holidays to every family seeking holiday help from Marine Toys for Tots,” he adds.     

The Marine Toys for Tots Program began in 1947 at the helm of Marine Corps Reserve Major Bill Hendricks and his wife, Diane, who asked Major Hendricks to deliver some handcrafted dolls to an agency that supported children in need. When he could not find such an agency, Diane encouraged her husband to “start one.” That year, Major Hendricks and the Marines in his local Reserve unit collected more than 5,000 toys to deliver to children in need in the Los Angeles area -- conducting the first Toys for Tots campaign.     

Seeing the impact that delivering toys to children in need had created around the community, the following year, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Clifton B. Cates, directed every Marine Corps Reserve unit to implement a Toys for Tots campaign-- which transformed Toys for Tots into a National Community Action Program.     

Last year, the Program fulfilled the holiday hopes and dreams of 8.7 million less fortunate children in over 830 communities Nationwide. Now, in our 75th year, the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program also provides support year-round to families experiencing challenges and exceptional circumstances, thus providing assistance to millions of children in need across the country at Christmas time and beyond. Help Toys for Tots provide hope and joy this holiday season to millions of impoverished children who otherwise might go without.  After all, anyone can be Santa!     

This year’s holiday campaign season kicks off on November 1 and goes through December 25. Visit for more information or to find a campaign near you. Learn how you can help the Marine Toys for Tots Program bring hope and joy to children in need across the Nation! 

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