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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with No Booze, Just Pure Irish Fun and Entertainment

(Beni Ancheta, NewsUSA Reporter) -  

NYC usually celebrates St. Patrick's Day with tours, parties, and pub crawls, all with alcohol binge drinking.


The Sober St. Patrick's Day ® Foundation, Inc. celebrates the day booze-free. This allows everyone of all ages to join in the fun. They aim to "Reclaim the Day" by celebrating the richness of Ireland's culture and the historical influence of St. Patrick's. 


Join them at the 13th ANNUAL SOBER ST. PATRICK'S DAY® GRAND CELEBRATION on Saturday, March 16th, from 4:30 pm to 7 pm at the Church of the Epiphany, 373 Second Ave, between ​21st. & 22nd street, downstairs in the Parish Hall. 


Expect the best Irish entertainment with performances by All-Ireland Champion Musicians & Award Winning Dancers: Donny Golden's School of Irish Dance, Brian Conway, Jerry O'Sullivan, Seagda Coyle, Brendan Dolan, Fiona Conway Fogarty, and surprise guests.


Everyone is invited, Irish or not. Bring friends or the entire family to the celebration and enjoy Irish step-dancing, music, food, books, and the true essence of St. Patrick's Day with complimentary beverages and light supper.


Get tickets here.


Send an email to  [email protected] for any ticket or sponsorship queries about the Sober St. Patrick's Day NYC 2024 Celebration.


Explore Downtown San Pedro with Flair: Ride the Iconic Red Car Trolley for Free

(Beni Ancheta, NewsUSA Reporter) - Experience the beauty of Downtown San Pedro with style, extra fun, nostalgia, ease, comfort, and transportation savings with their iconic free Red Car Trolley service. 


The Hop On/ Hop Off Red Car Trolley operates every weekend, Friday, and the first Thursday of the month, which takes visitors through the waterfront and downtown area.


During weekends, it operates from 12 pm to 6 pm with a trolley every 30 minutes at the Maritime Museum - a short walk to the Fish Market, Battleship IOWA, Historic Downtown San Pedro, 7th and Pacific, Port Town Brewery, CRAFTED, and Brouwerij West Brewery. The trolley makes additional stops at the Cabrillo Beach and DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton during the summers.


On Fridays, it stops at the Farmer's Market at 6th & Mesa, 7th St and Pacific, CRAFTED and Brouwerij West, Tranis Dockside Restaurant, and the Maritime Museum every 25 minutes from 10:30 pm to 3 pm.


Every Thursday, the trolley operates with stops at the Maritime Museum, Historic Downtown, Warner Grand Theatre, and 8th and Pacific St - Watercolor Society every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 9 pm.


Visit for more details on the trolley schedule and routes. 


Whether you are a tourist or a local wanting a one-of-a-kind weekend getaway, let the Red Car Trolley guide you in exploring the charms and wonders of LA Waterfront and Downtown San Pedro.


Local Artists Collaborate for a Unique Fusion of Groove and Collage

(Beni Ancheta, NewsUSA Reporter) - Dance and collage? Who would think you could do both at the same time!? 


Sarah Rodenhouse, founder and facilitator of MovedLA , and Julia Walck, a local collage Artist, collaborate in bringing Groove and Glue, a one-of-a-kind avenue to express your creativity through dynamic body movements and the art of collaging. 


Artsy and groovers are invited to mark their calendars and experience an exhilarating morning of fun and creativity on Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 11 AM to 2 PM at Frogtown Creative (Red Studio) at 2934 Gilroy St. LA, 90039.


Expect 45 minutes of sweating on the dance floor. Groove and let loose with fun, freeing, and easy-to-follow body movements without anyone judging. To follow is a newbie-friendly 2-hour collage time using vintage magazines from the 1940s to the 1980s. 


This fun and unique event can only accommodate a maximum of 15 people. Registration is $85 with Mimosas, drinks, and snacks on the house. No need to bring art materials except a bag to keep the masterwork safe later. 


Grab one or two of the limited spots here. Bring a friend, and bring YOU. 


Sarah Rodenhouse is a certified Pilates instructor through the Physical Mind Institute. Aside from being the founder of MovedLA, she is also a Founder and Co-Artistic Director of  MashUp Contemporary Dance Company, a non-profit all-female contemporary company.


Julia Walck is a graphic designer and collage Artist based in Los Angeles, California. She is into vibrant colors, fun, and vintage aesthetics.


Say Hello to Your Big Break at the Stapleton Library Job Fair in Vocation, Trade, or Civil Service

(Beni Ancheta, NewsUSA Reporter) - The Stapleton branch of the New York Library at 132 Canal St. will host a FREE Vocational and Trade Fair on Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 12 PM to 3:30 PM EDT. 


This fair promises opportunities for everyone eager to have a career in vocation, trade, and civil service regardless of their competency level and educational background.


Attending this fair is a unique opportunity, a must-attend, for job-seekers and career-changers aiming to learn new skills. They have gathered employers who offer a myriad of job and training opportunities in relation to trade and vocation.


Moreover, this fair will allow attendees to engage with hiring managers and trade schools, giving them networking opportunities and on-the-spot interviews. 


There is no charge to join the fair. Attend, explore, and unlock your big break. Reserve your spot here


For employers, please call Kelly Yim, Library Manager at 718-727-0427.


Retrain Your Emotional Brain: A Natural Alternative to Weight Loss Drugs

(NewsUSA) - Weight loss drugs are proving to have serious side effects, and they are not a long-term solution.  When the injections stop, the weight loss stops. But who wants to go back to dieting?

Laurel Mellin, PhD, a health psychologist, nutritionist, and New York Times bestselling author, is the founder of Emotional Brain Training (EBT).   She has written a new book, 1-2-3 JOY! to show readers why the missing link in treating obesity is to switch off the stress causing the cascade of internal chemicals that increase appetite, causes cravings, and blocks weight loss. Using the skills of EBT, they can lose weight naturally.

Dr. Mellin says, “I wrote 1-2-3 JOY! because of the increased use of weight loss drugs, as they have serious side effects including nausea, muscle wasting, stomach paralysis, and increased risk of kidney, pancreas, and thyroid problems. I wanted more people to have a healthy alternative to these weight loss drugs and diets.”

“I developed EBT initially as a young faculty member at the University of California San Francisco, in part because I personally understood the frustration of being out of control of my eating and finding that the current methods didn’t help me. The tools I developed were effective, but it was not until two decades later that my collaborators and I realized why they worked: they were switching off the stress response, which controls the chemicals – cortisol, dopamine, and insulin – that cause overeating and weight gain.”

The effectiveness of EBT is backed by scientific research, with studies of the method’s effectiveness published in peer-reviewed journals showing improvements in weight, blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Obesity researcher John Foreyt states, “EBT is the first method to show lasting weight loss after treatment ends.” Already, more than 500,000 people have used EBT.

Dr. Mellin states, "The silver lining of the weight loss drug frenzy is that it validated that chemicals drive overeating. EBT is a drug-free method for switching off those chemicals to make weight loss easier and more lasting without the negative side effects. For those who are using weight loss drugs,  the EBT skills can help them wean off the drugs.”

The EBT tools are easily integrated into daily life. Use them before eating or when stressed to switch off those chemicals.  Over time, they retrain the emotional brain's neural pathways to make peace with food and promote lasting weight loss.

Dr. Mellin states, "That freedom from eating and weight issues is life-changing, returning people to their natural state of joy so they can focus on living a life of joy and purpose.  That is why I want everyone to have these skills.”

Her new book, 1-2-3 Joy!, is now available on Amazon.

Serial Entrepreneur Teaches Us How to Go the Distance in Business and in Life

(NewsUSA) - “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.”

From closing multimillion-dollar licensing deals with IBM and Microsoft, to the Ironman World Championship, to ultramarathons and summit expeditions, serial entrepreneur Steven Pivnik knows how to go the distance.

To some, picking up endurance sports as you approach your 40th birthday with zero athletic background may seem like a cry for help. But for Steven, it was a transformative journey of self-discovery and pushing personal boundaries to uncover the untapped potential within all of us. He documents his story in the newly released book, Built to Finish (Greenleaf Book Group).

Steven’s inspiring journey as a successful tech entrepreneur and accomplished triathlete and marathon runner is a shining example that you are built to finish regardless of your starting point or previous experiences.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve poured everything into building your business from the ground up. Where others doubted your ability or vision, you persisted. You took risks, made sacrifices, and faced countless obstacles. But now you’ve made it.

Your business is thriving and reaching new heights. What’s next?

Sharing his remarkable story as a college dropout turned tech entrepreneur turned triathlete turned international keynote speaker and best-selling author, Steven guides attendees on an unforgettable exploration of what it means to be “built to finish.”

Steven PivnikIn Built to Finish, Steven outlines his entrepreneurial journey in the IT marketplace, from failed startups to multimillion-dollar success. He hilariously recounts the ups and downs, wins and losses, and personal breakthroughs experienced on the summits of some of the tallest mountains in the world.

With a blend of humor and vulnerability, Steven shares the valuable lessons he learned along the way and provides practical guidance for entrepreneurs who want to go the distance in business and in life.

“For entrepreneurs,” Steven says, “or anyone wanting to lead an epic life, the focus isn’t on just starting or finishing. It’s about finishing what you started.”

Through international speaking events, 1:1 advisory services, and his newly released book, Steven coaches entrepreneurs through the mindset and practical steps necessary to achieve a successful exit, one of the seven summits (yes he’s done several), compete in an Ironman championship, or any other challenge they set their sights on.

Regardless of the endeavor – planning, perseverance, execution, pivots, setbacks, and endurance are key milestones to reaching the finish line. Now grab your running shoes and gear up for a transformative journey with Steven Pivnik. He can speak at your next event.

Steven’s blend of practical business advice and inspirational storytelling leaves audiences energized and motivated to go the distance in business and in life.

“A lot of business books teach the why of improvement, but few get into the how,” says Shawn Rhodes, keynote speaker, and author of Bulletproof Selling. “Anyone who knows about elite athletes knows they must be focused on the how, and that’s what Built to Finish delivers.”

Built to Finish is available on Amazon - --   and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

To learn more, visit



(CHARLOTTE, N.C. (January 31, 2024)) - Helpful    Hint from Auto Glass Now: Pouring Hot Water on a Cold, Icy Windshield Is not a Good Solution

Wintry weather, gray skies, snow and sleet can limit visibility on the road, and a damaged or cracked windshield can make driving even more challenging.

glass nowWhen the temperature drops, the risks of damage to the windshield goes up. Can cold weather alone crack a windshield? Not exactly. However, while extreme cold alone might not crack a well-installed and maintained windshield, it can exacerbate existing issues or create conditions that may lead to cracks. Essentially, cold weather can cause a windshield to crack and break if it is already chipped, cracked, or fractured due to the acute weather change.

Auto Glass Now, one of the fastest growing glass repair and replacement companies, offers drivers tips to protect their vehicle against the set of unique challenges winter weather brings to the durability and maintenance of their windshield.

Common Causes of Windshield Cracks in Cold Weather

Knowing the factors that make the windshield more susceptible to damage and cracks in cold weather will help drivers protect and properly maintain it. If the windshield is already compromised by previous damage, poor installation or inadequate maintenance, these issues can worsen dramatically in cold conditions. Some of the most common causes of cracks during colder months include:

  • Ice: Ice formation can apply undue pressure to small existing chips or imperfections, leading them to expand into full-blown cracks.
  • Road Salt: While road salt is often necessary to keep roads safe, it can be kicked up into the windshield at high speeds. This causes small craters or pits that can worsen into cracks when not addressed quickly.
  • Hail: Winter storms often bring hail, which may strike the windshield with enough force to cause immediate cracks or create weak spots that later transition into cracks.
  • Frozen Wiper Fluid: Using a wiper fluid that freezes easily can cause localized stress on the windshield, which could turn into cracks over time.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: Glass expands and contracts with temperature changes. Rapid swings from cold to hot (or vice versa) can cause a windshield to crack.

How to Prevent Windshield Damage during Colder Weather

While a windshield can crack from cold weather due to other factors, drivers can take a proactive approach to prevent damage during colder temperatures, including:

  • Keeping Windshield Wipers in Good Condition: Worn-out and dirty wiper blades can scratch the windshield, making it more susceptible to cracking. Therefore, it's essential to routinely clean the windshield wipers - and replace them at least once every 12 months to keep them in good condition.
  • Never Using Hot Water to Clear Ice/Snow Off the Windshield: While it may seem convenient at the time, using hot water to clear ice and snow from the windshield causes rapid temperature changes, leading to cracks.
  • Utilizing the Car's Defrost System: Defrost systems are designed to gradually increase the glass temperature, reducing the risk of cracks.
  • Parking under Cover If Possible: A simple solution for protecting the windshield from the elements is parking in a garage or under a carport.
  • Closing Doors Gently: Slamming car doors can cause vibrations that may lead to windshield cracks, especially if the windshield is already damaged.
  • Using a Windshield Protector: Windshield covers can keep ice and snow off the glass, reducing the risk of cracks and making it easier to prep the vehicle for the drive ahead.
  • Using a Proper Ice Scraper: Choose an ice scraper specifically designed for car windshields to minimize the risk of scratching or cracking the glass.

"Winter weather presents challenging times for windshields. But proper preventative care and maintenance can make a world of difference," said Nick Ouimet, President of Auto Glass Now. "Our local Auto Glass Now teams are trusted experts in caring for auto glass. We are here to help ensure drivers are safe on the road with quality glass repair and replacement. We have hundreds of locations and mobile vehicles across the country to service all our customer's needs."

Read more about how your windshield can be affected by weather here! Auto Glass Now teams cover the United States from California to Florida with the best value combination of fast, reliable, convenient service, technologically advanced repairs and ADAS calibration. These new and remodeled facilities feature bright, welcoming customer service lobbies, the latest tools and equipment, and each Auto Glass Now location has a team of highly trained experts in repair, replacement and ADAS calibration. For service, call 1-888.4.FIX.GLASS.

Visit to learn more.


Entrepreneurs Stir Up Industry with Convenient Cocktail Mixers

Or perhaps you were camping or at a tailgate party and all they served was beer and wine.

The dream of on-the-go cocktails is now a reality and you no longer have to buy and carry multiple ingredients, or have a bartender handy, to be able to create your favorite cocktail at a moment's notice.

Minute Mixology, a Venice, Calif.-based company, believes in making cocktails conveniently, using high-quality, low-sugar non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients.

In this way, the company says it has found a way to bridge the gap in the single-serve cocktail mixer industry and made it possible to bring the bar to you - wherever you are.

"It's a convenient, high quality, stick-pack cocktail mixer, a perfect item for the cocktail connoisseur in your life to use anytime, anyplace," says BJ, McCaslin, a co-founder of Minute Mixology.

"This product provides you with great-tasting craft cocktails made simple."

In a time, when you see the spirit of entrepreneurship flailing, two friends decided there was a need for such a creation.

McCaslin and Drew Whited already had tried their hand in other businesses in the space and were successful.

For instance, McCaslin created a coconut water coffee that was acquired by Vita Coco out of New York and Whited found success in the online marketing business.

Couple McCaslin and Whited's success with the company's other partner, Jason Trawick, a former WME Talent agent who worked with clients such as Taylor Swift and Britney Spears, and this trio is looking to revolutionize the cocktail industry.

"It's not just about becoming the best cocktail mixer in this space, it's about innovation," says Whited, co founder of the company.

"We are already selling out and planning to expand our brand and [are] designing new products."

The team of Minute Mixology has been in the liquor space for the last two years while launching the cocktail mix in September of last year.

Currently, the product is available online, and in stores in the Midwest and the South.

The Spring 2018 Minute Mixology will be available in Target, Meijer, Raley's and World Market.

Flavors include: Margarita, Moscow Mule, Spiced Old Fashion, Spicy Margarita, Coconut Mojito, and Michelada.

For more information, visit

Life’s Biggest Moments Take Center Stage in New UP TV Series

The series, "Our Wedding Story," takes viewers inside the relationships between the brides and grooms. With exceptional and cinematic storytelling, viewers will get to live each couple's love story - from the moment they met to the walk down the aisle.

In "Crazy Beautiful Weddings," viewers go behind the scenes with busy wedding planner Lynzie Kent. Wedding planning is an art and a science, and Ms. Kent brings her style and people skills as she navigates diverse tastes, the couples' visions and various venues, to create one-of-a-kind celebrations for her clients that will make the big day something to remember.

"On UP, our viewers have seen the families in our beloved series exploring new relationships, planning weddings and having kids," Amy Winter, executive vice present and general manager of UP TV, says in a statement announcing the shows.

"By greenlighting new series that focus on those specific life moments, we invite our audience to experience all of the joy and excitement that many different couples are going through as they share their personal journeys of life's biggest moments," she says.

The pair of wedding programs complement new episodes of two existing shows that highlight another one of life's biggest moments - the journey to parenthood.

This spring, UP premieres new episodes of its groundbreaking series, "Expecting," which follows expectant parents as they prepare for a new addition to the family. With no producers or camera crews, it is the first show that asks couples to turn the lens on themselves, to give the audience a peek into one of life's most exciting and personal journeys - welcoming a child.

Also premiering in April is "One Born Every Minute." The series takes viewers inside a hospital maternity unit to experience the joy, excitement and drama as babies are delivered.

UP is available on DIRECTV, DISH, Verizon Fios, AT&T U-verse, Xfinity and local cable. For more information about the family-friendly programming and where you can find the channel, go to

To find more details on social media, check out UP TV on Facebook at, on Twitter on @Uptv, and on Instagram at UP_TV.

How Self-Publishing Made This Author A Best-Seller

Her first foray into publishing began, as many picture the life of an author, with a traditional publishing deal. But after releasing a few books, Michaels decided to turn down an additional deal and try self-publishing.

"I'd begun developing an audience for my books and wanted to try something different. Authors I respected had success and greater control over their work with self-publishing, so I was eager to try it for myself," says Michaels.

She mastered it quickly and decided to go "strictly indie" in 2015, using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service to publish in both eBook and print. Since her decision to self-publish, she has been on the USA bestseller list ten times. Her husband quit his job at a large technology company and now works with Michaels to run their publishing company.

"I wanted more control over not just the creative writing, but also the marketing strategy, cover art, and other business aspects of publishing. I grew frustrated being unable to make these decisions going the traditional publishing route," she says. "I'm both a writer and entrepreneur, and I'm enjoying more creative and financial rewards than I ever have."

For Michaels, who says the initial idea of going indie was "taking a leap off a cliff and hoping you can fly before you crash," the resulting benefits have exceeded her expectations.

For those authors wrestling with the idea of self-publishing, consider this:

- Creative control. Self-publishing a book allows authors to build characters and stories exactly the way they want and, ultimately, retain full rights to their original material. A book that has been nursed from inception to novel remains yours.

- Get to market fast. Once a book is ready, self-publishing services, such as KDP, guide authors through setting up their books and getting them in the hands of readers in just a matter of days.

- Make more money. Authors who opt to self-publish can set their own prices and take home a higher percentage of royalties.

While a self-published author serves as his or her own marketing department, indie publishers make marketing simple and effective. Self-publishing companies, such as Amazon, also offer authors additional promotional opportunities to make their work available to more readers.

Many authors find support through writers' groups online, such as Facebook groups, or in-person by attending workshops and writers' conferences. Most cities have local writing groups that meet regularly. These meetings can provide constructive criticism of your work and other resources.

"I fell into self-publishing by accident, and found that connecting with other authors and joining a local writers' organization helped me improve my technique and career tremendously," says self-published science fiction and fantasy author T.S. Paul. "When sales of my novels began to take off, I began working with freelancers and a virtual assistant, also, to grow the community around me."

Regardless of whether a writer is interested in romance, mystery, fantasy, or biographies, self-publishing with services such as KDP can empower them to pursue their dreams, especially if they're willing to study the business side of publishing as well as Jess Michaels did.

Who knows? Maybe the best seller list is closer than you think.

For more information, visit


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