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3 Reasons To Share Your School Experience with Others

(NewsUSA) - By Carrie Goux For NewsUSA, With the final bell of the 2021-2022 school year fast approaching, now is the time for families to reflect upon their child's year. Whether it be the formation of new friendships, celebrating academic breakthroughs, or navigating the emotions of another pandemic year, no two families' experiences are the same.

That's why, the nation's leading provider of school information for K-12 families, wants to make sure your experience is captured -- in your own words. In only a few minutes, parents can leave an anonymous review on their school's GreatSchools profile to share their thoughts on family engagement, teachers, learning, physical and emotional safety, and more!

We know that parents wear many hats, and finding even just a few extra moments in the day can be challenging. But sharing your school experience matters, and can really make a difference for others in your community. Here's why:

1. Helps fellow parents

When you write a review of your child's school, you're offering other parents something that numbers alone can't provide: your personal experience as a member of a community. When Ronnie Hines, a Black mother in Los Angeles, was searching for a middle school for her daughter in a community where few others looked like her, she wanted to find a school climate that would be welcoming. Reading reviews from parents of shared identities helped Ronnie visualize what peer-to-peer and parent-to-staff interactions might be like at different schools, and whether those environments would help her daughter succeed.

2. Elevates your voice

Your experience can be powerful -- if given the right opportunity to share it. Leaving a review provides a platform to share your thoughts with the K-12 schools, K-12, in a respectful way. Does the school's curriculum affirm your child's culture and identity? Are your child's special education needs being met? Are you a military family that has attended many different schools across the country? Your unique story could be the catalyst for improvements that will benefit other students for years to come.

3. Fosters trust between home and school

Principals and administrators use their profiles to share details about their school culture, programs, and policies. The reviews section is an important part of the overall story of the school, offering a safe, trusted way for parents to anonymously share feedback with the school. Whether it's highlighting an experience with caring, hard-working teachers or providing honest feedback that will help make the school better for all children, reviews foster a deeper home-school connection as leaders can incorporate key learnings into their school celebrations and improvement plans.

According to the National PTA and Learning Heroes, 67 percent of parents feel more connected to their child's day-to-day education than ever before. Now is the perfect time to leverage that connection and share your experience with others in your community. We've compiled some of our best tips to support you in writing a review that is honest, transparent, and thorough. Make your voice heard today!


Carrie Goux is the Executive Vice President, Strategy and External Affairs at


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