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2020 to Save America: Calling It The Way He Sees It

(NewsUSA) - What happened to America? According to Charles Pearlman, it all started "that election night in November 2016. That's when the National Nightmare began."

In his book, "2020 to Save America," Pearlman, who works in the financial industry and is knowledgeable in virology, psychiatry, business and politics, calls it as he sees it, never shying away from strong language while outlining all the shortcomings of the current administration in the same manner one might at a cocktail party - conversational, but blunt.

Broken into eight sections, including a psychiatric analysis of the President, the book outlines what Pearlman believes to be the failings of not only the last four years, but also previous Republican administrations. He points to the role social media has played in the spread of misinformation, citing Breitbart News Network and the President's impulsive tweets as two of the biggest culprits, and notes the distrust that has emerged as a result. "At this point, I wouldn't believe a word out of his mouth if he went and had his tongue notarized," writes Pearlman.

However, Pearlman's book is not just some presentation of what is broken in the United States. He has a clear set of ideas for addressing the issues that this country faces as a result of its current leadership, or lack thereof, as Pearlman would say. He claims, "The only hope for our battered nation is education … You can't make an informed decision when you are ill-informed."

As a "true believer in science and research," Pearlman's biggest concerns are related to environmental issues and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Much of 2020 to Save America's epilogue focuses on what Pearlman sees as necessary steps toward solutions for both these problems. "Joe Biden is going to be a busy man," he says, but notes that it will take the collective work of the entire country to make effective and lasting change.

Amidst jabs such as "Liar-in-Chief," "Distracter-in-Chief" and "Playboy-in-Chief" among others, Pearlman appeals to his fellow Americans' love of country and sense of patriotic responsibility: "From the day I first said the Pledge of Allegiance, I have been ready to stand up for America. When it comes to our rights as Americans, I accept my responsibility to be vigilant and I refuse to compromise. I wouldn't give an inch. I love my country. I support your rights. I support the rights of all Americans." He writes that it is this love that has kept him fighting.

While Pearlman's rendering of the United States is bleak, he doesn't believe that the outlook is hopeless: "So many people have become inspired to work to move back toward putting our country back together again. Americans love their country because there really is something here worthy of their commitment. We are free to live the lives we choose as long as we don't interfere with the rights of others.

"America is a gorgeous land of stunning natural landscapes and amazing cities. The people are inclined to be very friendly and we are famous for our Yankee ingenuity. We will work together to prevail. We can pick up the pieces and start over." Purchase at


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