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BookTrib's Bites: Hollywood, Adulting, Atypical Sci-Fi, Action Saga


Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"Deception: A Hollywood Mystery"
by Britt Lind

Blood and dreams run red through the magical land of Hollywood, and rarely do kind souls win the spoils of war ... . When singer/songwriter Josh Sibley gets the opportunity to write songs for a multimillion-dollar feature film, he's all in. Then he meets Lila Levy, the sexy singer/actress married to the movie's producer. She attempts to use her sexuality to hook Josh into a secret love affair.

But in Hollywood, dark souls are clothed in glamour and secrets. When Lila's husband is murdered, Lila disappears, leaving Josh to deal with the woman determined to track her down -- Police Sergeant Rosemaria Baker. When the cops finally bring Lila in, she declares herself innocent and builds her case around disturbing childhood trauma that will twist Josh's soul. Purchase at

The Happy Clam"The Happy Clam"
by Rosemary Schmidt

If the author's "Go Forward, Support!" was all about staying a child as long as possible, this book is all about being an adult. "The Happy Clam" scales the realms of happiness -- physical, intellectual, emotional, relational, spiritual -- bringing together findings from the fields of psychology and philosophy with practical advice on how to apply them.

There are 1,000 things we can do to invite more happiness into our lives but only a few things that really make a difference. Just as clams are filter feeders, taking in nourishment from what's in the passing current, the author has taken in all the bits and bytes of daily news, research, and experience, and stitched them together to create a delicately crafted mosaic rich in hope and inspiration. Purchase at

Terms of Service"Terms of Service"
by Craig W. Stanfill

This is not your typical sci-fi novel. Start with "1984," add in a healthy dose of "Brave New World" and "Fahrenheit 451," stir in a bit of "The Matrix" and "Blade Runner," and you have "Terms of Service." It is a thought-provoking exploration of the profound consequences to society as the digital world and the all-powerful corporations that rule it play a greater role in our lives, leaving readers to wonder where it will all end.

This is a work of literary science fiction, surreal in places, heavily laced with satire, mystical realism and even a bit of absurdism. In terms of subject matter, it lies squarely within the boundaries of the cyberpunk genre. A slow burn with an explosive finish. Purchase at

The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"The Orchid Farmer's Sacrifice"
by Fred Yu

In ancient China, spoiled and overconfident 18-year-old Mu Feng relishes life as the son of an honored general. But when his sister is abducted and his friends are slaughtered, he flees from home. He soon discovers the mystical birthmark on his body has put an enormous price on his head. Pursued across the Middle Kingdom, Feng finds allies in two fierce warriors and a beautiful assassin. When he learns his enemy plans an incursion with advanced weaponry, he must call on his friends and his own budding military genius to defend his country.

Can Feng fulfill a duty he didn't know he had and unite the empire against a terrifying force? If you like flashing swords, martial arts mayhem and inescapable fates, then you'll love this pulse-pounding saga. Purchase at

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