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BookTrib's Bites: Mystery, History, and Great Children's Books


Unknown Assailant"Unknown Assailant"
by J.L. Doucette

Dr. Pepper Hunt and Detective Beau Antelope team up again to investigate a tragic murder/suicide at a ranch of a prominent family in the small town of Farson, Wyoming. As they explore events leading up to the night of the disturbing crime, they are drawn into the dark heart of a troubled family touched by a legacy of trauma.

Says Kirkus, " A missing person tale with a strong setting and cast of characters … Doucette's auspicious first novel puts a welcome focus on the players instead of transgressive twists." Adds Buzzfeed, "Readers will devour this page-turning mystery, full of enthralling characters, sinister plots, and an ending that you won't expect." Purchase at

Burning Ground"Burning Ground"
by D.A. Galloway

For fans of "Dances with Wolves," frontiersmen, Native Americans, explorers in the American West or time travel adventures such as "Outlander," the author presents "Burning Ground," which topped Amazon's bestseller list in two categories!

In 1971, Graham Davidson has survivor's guilt after the death of his three siblings. Seeking a direction, he secures employment in Yellowstone National Park and embarks on a spiritual journey. Suddenly, Graham finds himself in Yellowstone a century earlier! He joins the Hayden Expedition to explore the region. Graham's perilous journey is marred by a geyser basin, grizzly bear attack and encounter with hostile Blackfeet Indians. Graham falls in love with a beautiful Crow woman and must decide: stay in the previous century with the woman he loves or travel back to the future? Purchase at

If Not You, Then Who? Let the Games Begin"If Not You, Then Who? Let the Games Begin!"
by David and Emberli Pridham

Brooke and Noah want to play a game, but they can't decide what to play. Basketball? Croquet? Dancing? Golf? What about all of them at the same time? With a little creativity, it might just be possible! Join Brooke and Noah as they create their own games and learn about the inventions that make sports safe and fun for everyone.

If you like fun, informative and factual kid's books such as "The Magic School Bus," then you'll love the new STEM series "If Not You, Then Who?," a recent Amazon bestseller geared towards 4- to 8-year-olds. The books are fun to read for both adults and children. Purchase at

 The Tiniest Amazon Pirate"The Tiniest Amazon Pirate"
by Jules Fitzgerald

"The Tiniest Amazon" uses her imagination to go on a great adventure with her friends. Anyone who has ever used a wrapping paper tube as a pirate sword knows how much fun a pirate voyage can be! But will they be good pirates or evil pirates? It's perfect for 3-to-8-year-old readers, with rhymes and illustrations that maximize fun and silly.

This is the third book in "The Tiniest Amazon" Series from Fitzgerald and her amazing illustrator, B.G. Murphy. In Book 1, "The Tiniest Amazon" learns about fitting in and accepting others from a wise three-headed cat, and in Book 2 she travels to space and meets Muttnik, a space puppy. The book is available in He, She and They versions. Purchase at

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