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Channel Your Body's Natural Health With Quantum Energy

(NewsUSA) - Self-care has never been more important as part of a strategy to manage the ongoing stress of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Strategies for self-care include paying attention to sleep, nutrition, and physical activity, but channeling the power of quantum energy offers an additional opportunity for self-care and self-healing.

Quantum energy and frequencies have a long history of use in alternative medicine, and some individuals have developed class-based wellness practices that are designed to channel quantum energy.

Devaya Smith, a self-described energy psychologist in Taos, New Mexico, for instance, uses the power of quantum energy to teach individuals to connect with themselves in a way that relieves tension and restores peace of mind.

Quantum energy technology also has been adopted into self-care products for use in the safety and comfort of home.

Products developed by Leela Quantum Tech are designed to promote physical and mental health by channeling quantum energy. According to the company website, the health benefits of its products include increased energy, relief from pain and muscle soreness, improved concentration, increased resistance to stress, and greater ability to relax and live in the moment.

As the Leela Quantum Tech website explains, "[You will be able to] Dive deeper into your own self. Realize your potential. Support your health."

"Our products can help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be," says Leela Quantum Tech president Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling.

"You can improve your physical and mental fitness as well as positively influence your environment," he explains.

Leela Quantum Tech products have been scientifically certified by two independent institutes, and the variety of personal products make self-care easy. Hats, shirts, and hoodies infused with quantum energy and high-quality silver fabrics are designed to keep you relaxed and comfortable. In addition, coasters charged with quantum energy cushion your favorite beverage and are engineered to promote peace of mind and positive feelings.

Other products include energy-infused cards and capsules that can be kept and carried in a pocket, as well as bracelets and necklaces.

And don't forget your furry friends. Pets can enjoy the restorative benefits of quantum energy with infused collars.

Visit for more information about quantum energy products for more information about the potential and benefits of quantum energy.