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Innovative, Economical Fire Extinguisher That Is Safe and Simple

However, all fire-suppression devices are not created equal, and portability, safety, and ease of use are key when selecting the right fire protection product for your home, business or wherever.

BlazzOut Inc has developed a lightweight and user-friendly fire-extinguishing device that offers several advantages for home, business, and vehicle use as well as other settings where simple, environmentally-friendly firefighting is needed, such as schools, libraries, and farms.

The signature BlazzOut product is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-handle grenade-style extinguisher known as BlazzKiller. The device is designed to be thrown into a fire from a safe distance that contains a non-toxic water-based formula, which is economical and effective. The container is made of an easily breakable resin plastic that will release the fire-suppression liquid when thrown into a fire.

The BlazzKiller proprietary formula is engineered to smother flames quickly and also initiates an endothermic process of taking energy from the fire itself to cool the surrounding area. This chemical reaction also releases nitrogen and carbon dioxide into the immediate flame area, which prevents oxygen from reaching and feeding the fire in order to prevent the fire from restarting, thus providing peace of mind.

BlazzOut products were designed by a chemical engineer to provide safe, simple, fire protection that can be used by almost anyone, including older adults and children approximately 7 years of age and older. The BlazzKiller fire-extinguishing grenades can be safely stored anywhere and has no need for maintenance.

BlazzOut also offers the BlazzTrap, an automatic fire-extinguishing device that features the same BlazzKiller technology and is designed to be placed where it will snuff out fires in up to 250 sq ft, such as in the kitchen, garage, attic or basement when the glass ampule reaches a predetermine temperature.

In addition the BlazzTrap device can be placed in a boat, camper, car, truck, or RV as well.

Other benefits of BlazzOut products include easy cleanup and no property damage, compared with the damage often caused by conventional fire extinguishers, as well as a shelf life of approximately five years.

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