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Keep Your New Year's Resolution With These Weight Loss Tips

(NewsUSA) - Did you make a resolution to lose weight and get healthy in 2020? This may be the most common New Year's resolution, but it's also one of the most difficult to keep.

In fact, according to U.S. News, 80 percent of people give up on their New Year's Resolution by mid-February. There's no one reason to explain why this happens, but we do know that it's difficult to change our behavior over long periods of time. If you made a promise to yourself to improve your health and lose weight, don't give up now. Start by making small, achievable changes to your routine. Here are five tips to help you stay on track:

* Try activities that don't revolve around eating or drinking. Almost all family gatherings seem designed to gather us around the snack table. But there are plenty of other activities you can do together that will get you moving and making memories. Think of events that will emphasize connection and fun rather than snacking and drinking. Brainstorm with friends and family to find a new activity to try - bowling, hiking, pottery - the options are endless.

* Offer to host. If you really want to take control, play host! Invite friends and family over to your place, where you can prepare everything so there are no surprises. Or if you're meeting at a friend's house, offer to bring a dish, and make something healthy that you know you'll enjoy. When it's time to eat, you can pile a big portion of this item on your plate and fill in the rest with other offerings that look good to you.

* Don't dance around your cravings. If you're really craving a slice of pizza, order one and have a portion-controlled size.

"When you avoid your cravings, you can end up overeating by trying to satisfy them with other foods," says Courtney McCormick, corporate dietitian at Nutrisystem. Instead, identify what it is that you're craving, order something that will satisfy, and take the time to truly savor and enjoy it.

* Don't turn a cheat meal into a cheat day. Many dieters trip up at one meal, get discouraged, and go overboard for the rest of the day because it's already "ruined."

The term is "cheat meal," not "cheat day." If you have a meal that you think could set you back, remember that it's only one meal. Don't beat yourself up and don't give up.

"It's always a good thing to learn from your missteps," says Marie Osmond, entertainer, author, host of The Talk, and Nutrisystem ambassador. "Maybe the first time you crave chocolate, you're going to grab a candy bar. Next time, you'll have a smaller piece of dark chocolate or make yourself a Nutrisystem chocolate shake!" Cut yourself some slack, remember how much you enjoyed the "cheat," and then get back on track - little decisions that you make, starting right away, will lead you closer to success.

* Stay hydrated. You've heard this one before, but that's because it works: if you do indulge in alcohol, alternating each drink with a glass of water will help slow your consumption so you don't get too tipsy - which can lower your inhibitions to other foods and portions you're trying to avoid. In fact, the alcohol may make greasy foods and sweets seem more appealing. Water will also keep you hydrated, which can make you feel less "snacky," since our bodies sometimes mistake thirst for hunger.

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