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Upgrade A Summer Road Trip with An RV Rental

Whether plans for visiting relatives, exploring a new destination, or revisiting a favorite vacation spot, loading the car and getting behind the wheel is second nature. But, upgrading a road trip with an RV may be just the ticket to making the next adventure the best one yet.

According to Phocuswright's US Consumer Travel research, almost half of Millennials are interested in renting an RV for a leisure trip within the next 12 months. It may be because hitting the road in an RV is an exciting way to spend time traveling with friends or family on a nature-filled adventure. Don't have an RV? Thanks to sites such as RVshare, RV rentals are easier to find and book than ever. With more than 100,000 RVs to choose from across the country, the peer-to-peer marketplace has a variety of vehicles with options ranging from a luxury motor home to a confined camper, there is something for everyone at any price point. There is no special license required and the RV insurance is built-in.

"RV rentals are a great option for those to experience the RV lifestyle without having to buy an expensive vehicle," says RVshare's CEO Jon Gray.

"Travelers come to our site to find RVs for a weekend of camping or a multi-week road trip. With a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen all on-board, an RV is essentially a hotel room wherever you want it."

Want to ditch the sedan and upgrade to a motor home? Here are a few tips for renting an RV for first-timers.

  • Use a trusted site: Use a trusted site such as where payments are protected and the owner of the vehicle is verified. RVshare also offers roadside assistance, 24/7 customer service, insurance and other perks to protect your trip and payment.
  • Have a plan before booking: With camping, road tripping and RV travel being in high demand this summer, campgrounds will get booked up, especially on weekends.
  • Narrow down the options: For a first-time renter, finding the right RV may feel daunting. First, consider the trip type, how many people will be traveling and what the goal of the road trip is. For a couple, a Class B Campervan is a great option for two. A family should look at a Class C driveable RV, which boasts a lot of space but is still maneuverable for those intimidated by big rigs.
  • The owner is the best resource: When booking with a peer-to-peer platform, the owner is the best resource to answer questions about the vehicle, including what is included, their rules about pets and if the RV is suitable for long road trips.

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