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Top Spring Trends for Lips, Skin, and Nails

(NewsUSA) - If the monochrome of winter has you dreaming of brighter days ahead, you're not alone. Thankfully, the spring beauty forecast is in, and it's all about color, shimmer and glow for nails, lips and skin.

Vogue published a feature highlighting all the biggest beauty trends stemming from the Spring 2022 runways, and among them was "high-gloss pouts." Now, maybe it's the two years of near-constant mask-wearing that makes this such a welcome trend, but the fact that lips are back in the spotlight is something to get excited about.

  • GET THE LOOK: To achieve that high gloss effect at home, look no further than the Lipgasm™ Lipglosses by female-owned brand Trust Fund Beauty (TFB). Simply swipe across your lips for a sexy and moisturizing finish to your lipstick or lip liner, or use it on its own for a glossy shine.

    Spring's emphasis on sparkle doesn't stop at a glossy lip. As the runways previewed, glitter is in for hair and skin as well. So how can you pull off a head-to-toe shimmer for everyday without looking like a disco ball? It's easy with the right liquid and powder products.
  • GET THE LOOK: TFB's That Glo Tho™ Liquid Highlighter can be used on its own or mixed with foundation, primer or moisturizer for a subtle sheen. It comes in two shades: champagne (Lit AF) and bronze (Glowy AF). The powder version of each shade is designed with a buttery soft lightweight texture that blends seamlessly into the skin for a healthy glow.

    Toss those winter gloves, and get ready to flaunt your nails, because vibrant tips are coming back in a big way. Snapshots from Fashion Week show spring nails in a range of colorful shades, playful patterns and artistic designs. Boring nails? Don't know her.
  • GET THE LOOK: Known best for their 21-free Nail Lacquers, all made in the USA, TFB offers bold AF shades for every style and personality with an array of spring colors, including aqua blue (Spill the Tea), pink coral (CEO of Wellness) and a buttery yellow (Never Boring).

    Spring is the perfect time to experiment with your beauty products and go bold with your skin, lips and nails. With its selection of vibrant hues and its ever-evolving, cruelty-free product line, TFB is the brand to take your look (and your attitude) to new heights.

"We are on a mission to redefine the meaning of non-toxic and vegan beauty, making it more accessible, inclusive, loud and proud," says Amanda Zweig, Co-Owner, Creative Director of Trust Fund Beauty. "We've been a trailblazer in beauty since our 2013 launch, and we've only continued to elevate our standards."

In addition, the company is committed to sustainability by partnering with organizations such as Pachama and TerraCycle to offset carbon emissions and plastic consumption. All Trust Fund Beauty products are non-toxic, cruelty-free and vegan.

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